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Our Story…

Invert-U. was created in 2017 to bring Circus, Dance, and Fitness to all types of individuals. Creating a welcoming environment with EVERYTHING you could dream of or need to full fill your dreams! Bringing one dream at a time to life. Invert-U. offers Classes, Events, Shows, Workshops, Parties, Privates and MORE!

About Us

Meet the girl behind the curtains…and hear our message

Jacqueline Lobdell is Our Founder and Creative Director.

Creating Invert-U. was a life long dream. After 21 years of training in Arts and Fitness she finally opened up her first location in California, by 2020 she has 3 locations.

She is currently international athlete and United Stated Performance Ambassador. She is also a working artist, actor, singer, dancer, and business women. She has been coaching for over 10 years. She coaches, circus, dance, fitness, and equestrian riding and vaulting.

Building Invert-U. from the ground up by herself, she tackled marketing, business theory, construction renovations, instructing, recruiting, management, and much more. She proudly has grow her unique team and Invert-U. locations into years of success.

Ultimately she create a space where all could feel comfortable to export their bodies and enjoy themselves. Empowering both female and male, youth and adult, Artist, athletic, or feminine sexy energy. She successfully create a tribe and Invert Team where individuals can escape from their hectic live, or find support, friendship and mentorship.

How to Get Started?

Start with Group Classes and Private

We offer a variety of classes in the studio, at your home and online. Meet your goals today with our daily and weekly classes that will keep you motivated, on point, and consistent!

Invert your Bachelorette party or next Event.

We are excited to help you host your next bachelorette, bachelor party, birthday party, birthday party, graduation, or more! Invert comes in clutch with there sexy or family friendly party packages.

Join Us for Shows, Workshops, and Social Events

Don’t miss out on our magical main stage event, photoshoots, beach days, instructor trainings, and specialized workshop to get you what you want when you want.


What People Say

“This is better than Therapy” – Kylie

“There is nothing more powerful than than being able to control your body and your mind” – Jacqueline

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